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Welcome to the Spring Hill Middle School Orchestra Page!


The Spring Hill School District offers a string orchestra program, which begins in 5th grade and continues through high school. All classes are a yearlong and meet every day. The programs continues to grow every year.  I am constantly impressed with the dedication, talent and well, awesomeness of my students!

The combined SHHS Orchestra is very busy! With four traditional concerts (Spooktacular, Winter/Vespers, Masterworks and Pops), the orchestra also performs at the Spring Hill Community Veteran’s Day Celebration, and optional performance at our Vespers Concert, KMEA’s Honors Orchestra, Worlds of Fun Festival Of Music (not this year, as WOF happened to schedule it the day of our Graduation), as well as competing at KMEA’s regional and state Solo and Ensemble contest and Large Group State Contest. Our musicians perform challenging music while studying music history and learning how the instruments are made and produce sound.

Extra Credit

Students may always have a need for some extra credit work to keep up their grades. Therefore they are always encouraged to do extra credit in order to recover lost points.  The top priority is to recover all in-class points (tests, worksheets, etc) first.  Then students can attend music performances (must pertain to their band instrument) and write a one page (typed, 12 pt. font, 1" margins in essay format) review of what they heard.  Turn this into Mr. Ozakinci.  Please have performances approved in advance by Mr. Ozakinci

Students may also write reviews of YOUTUBE videos--it's my personal favorite. The same format as performance reviews, but make sure to include the URL of the video in your report.

FALL FUND RAISER: Booster club is working very hard to schedule more fun events and fundraising opportunities this year!

Taygun Ozakinci (Always feel free to visit my website!)

Director of Orchestras

Spring Hill Middle/High School

19701 S. Ridgeview Road, Spring Hill, KS 66083
(913) 592-7425


SHMS ORCHESTRA (Calendar includes HS dates as well)

PROSPECTIVE DATES  for 2017-2018 School Year

Event Date
5th Grade instrument showing August 28th
MSN ES 5:30 PC 6:00 WC 6:30  
NE Distrcit Dinner Tuesday, September 5th
Halloween "Spooktacular" Tuesday, October 24th
NE District Auditions Saturday, November 4th
NE Honors Saturday, December 2nd
HS Holiday Orchestra Concert Wednesday, December 6th
MS Holiday Orchestra Concert Thursday, December 14th
KMEA Live auditions January ?
Masterworks Monday, February 12th
KMEA State convention February 22nd-25th
MS Regional Festival - 1st time Saturday, March 3th
5-8 District Orchestra Concert Thursday, March 8th
Regional solo/small contest Saturday, April 14th
State Large Group Wednesday, April 18th
Recruitment Tour Thursday, April 19th
State solo/small contest Satruday, April 28th
HS Spring Concert Wednesday, May 2th
MS Spring Concert Thursday, May 10th
KC Ballet Field Trip Satruday, May 12th
SHHS Graduation Saturday, May 19th
SHMS 8th grade promotion Wednesday, May 23rd 

Memory Lane

Freshmen Honors Orchestra 2016

7th/8th Grade Honors Orchestra 2016


6th Grade Orchestra Goes to the Symphony!


 Beautiful faces, beatutiful hall, beautiful music!


  Filling the entire top row - students are leaning in for a better listen.


 The Symphonic Species Concert highlighted music that is representative of animals.  The KC Zoo came and told us about the animals and each student received a FREE TICKET TO THE ZOO!










Congrats to all performers!  Performing requires Critical

Thinking, Problem Solving, Determination, and not least of all Poise Under Pressure along with Courage!

Highlights of our orchestra!

Many of our students volunteer to play the National Anthem at Girls and Boys Basketball games.  It's tons of fun - the students also get extra credit and into the game for free!

Video of students warming up for the game.

Pregame picture of students who volunteered to play the Girls Basketball game.

Every day I arrive at Spring Hill Middle School knowing I get to work with the best students in the world!  I am greeted every day by a crew of Middle School students that are ready to hang out before school and play music.  It's a great time to get in some practice and get to catch up with each other.  I love "Early Mornings" at SHMS!

The Spring Hill School District offers a string orchestra program, which begins in 5th grade and continues through high school. All classes are yearlong, and most classes meet two to three times a week.

The Middle School years are exciting as the students begin training in more advanced playing. Students will play three concerts: Spooktacular, Winter and Spring Concerts, as well as perform at our Solo and Ensemble Contest. There are many more additional or voluntary events that the students can choose to participate in. In the past we have performed in the Spring Hill Fall Festival Parade, Spring Hill Hometown Holidays, KMEA District Honors Orchestra, a performance for the Board of Education during their annual Dinner in December, and for 8th grade Promotion. We also perform the National Anthem at many boys and girls basketball events!

Each month one 6th grade, one 7th grade, and one 8th grade string student will be chosen for orchestra student of the month. These students are chosen based on their dedication to practice, class participation, musical improvement, and involvement in extra orchestra opportunities.

Students below are preparing for a flash mob! - Pachelbel Canon Flash Mob















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