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Check out some of the other activities available to SHMS students!

Hillsdale Water Quality Project

Eighth grade students at Spring Hill Middle School have the opportunity to participate in an after-school activity with Hillsdale Water Quality Project. Steven Haffener, SHMS eighth grade science teacher, organizes these activities with assistance of a specialist from Hillsdale Water Quality Project in Gardner. The purposes of the activities are to educate the students about water quality issues and to teach them what they can to do improve water quality in our watershed.

The students collect and analyze water samples and from this learn more about the quality of the water in Hillsdale Lake. Tests include: nitrates, dissolved oxygen, pH, total phosphates, and temperature. Different sites around Hillsdale Lake are visited. Normally, eight students participate in an outing, which are typically held once during each of the fall and spring months.

In the spring, the entire eighth grade class spends a morning attending the Hillsdale Water Festival and participating in activities taught by presenters from the entire Kansas City area. Hillsdale Water Quality Project plans this outing. Students have a fantastic time as well as learn practical applications for science.

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Stephen Haffener

Kansas Photo Contest
The Spring Hill Middle School seventh grade students participated in a photo contest for Kansas History class. Photographers could take a nature photo, historical photo or a creative photo. All photos were required to be taken in Kansas.

Talking Tombstones
Seventh graders at SHMS volunteered to participate in a project called "Talking Tombstones." They spent time researching, writing a dialogue, finding a costume and practicing. They presented their characters for the 6th graders and then to the community at the October Historical Society meeting in the Spring Hill Cemetery.

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