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Academic Competition

Students at Spring Hill Middle School participate in a variety of academic competitions including

All-School Spelling Bee 

Geography Bee 

Each year the National Geographic Magazine sponsors a geography bee contest. The middle school holds grade level geography bees. The winners at the grade level compete to determine the SHMS finalist. This student will complete a written test which will be mailed to National Geographic Magazine and may qualify at the state and national level. The winner, also, has a chance to win a $25,000 college scholarship.

Math Competitions

 Frontier League Math Relay 2015

       by Asia Beck

Frontier Math League is where students from different schools take different types of math tests, and see who did the best in that category. Students that sign up for the event always tend to have fun hanging out with their friends in the time that they’re waiting to go take their next test. The event works like this: Each student that went signed up for a certain category of math test that they wanted to take. When all the students from all the schools show up to where the event is held, the first group of kids go into their assigned room and take their test. After the first group of students are finished, the next group goes to take their test, and the pattern continues until all of the tests are done. Every student that attends gets a free dinner. At the end of the event, everyone gathers at the school’s auditorium and the top ten students from each category get a ribbon. Last year, we had seven seventh graders place, and three of them placed in two events, while one placed in three. Last year’s eighth graders also did well. They had seven eighth graders place, and one of them in two different events. This year, we had thirteen seventh graders place, and three of them in two different events. We also had seven eighth graders place, and two of them in two different events. Our seventh grade did really well in the team test, getting second place. The eighth graders wish the seventh graders luck, and hope they do even better next year.

Megan Sandberg


Christy Roitz 

Continental Mathematics League.  Each year, selected sixth grade students will be invited to participate in the Continental Mathematics League, a problem-solving competition. The students will participate in the EUCLIDEAN DIVISION, which requires above average reading comprehension and analytical reasoning capabilities. The five meets will be held once a month from November-March and will consist of a 30-minute test in which each student independently answers six questions. The top six scores on the test will be the team’s score for each meet. 

Kristi Bickford

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