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Electronic Backpack

Welcome to the Spring Hill School District’s Electronic Backpack! The Electronic Backpack is an easy way for families to access flyers about activities, programs, and events being promoted by non-profit organizations in the community. This site was created to help conserve resources and time besides ensuring that only school-related information comes home in students’ backpacks.

Current Flyer

Bronco Summer Football Camp

Summer Reading Program

Lunch Low Balance Reminders

K-State Summer Reading Program

Updated Traffic Flow Map

A.L.I.C.E Parent Information

Building Self-Confidence in Students using Sports (external link)

Approval Process:

Non-profit (501c3) organizations that wish to have flyers posted on the district’s web site must electronically submit a copy of the information to Katie Claar via email at Please ensure that the contact person’s name and telephone number are listed in the request in order to ensure notification of the approval status. Each request will be reviewed by the superintendent or his designee on an individual basis. Approved flyers will be posted in the district’s eBackpack, which will be accessible from all school web sites. 

District Guidelines:

  • Dissemination of materials is limited to the posting of information on the district's web site.
  • Flyers will only be electronically posted, and paper copies of the information will not be distributed to students.
  • The district will only post information from not-for-profit organizations.
  • The information cannot be in violation of board policy or state or federal laws.

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