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SHHS Theatre Presents "Arsenic and Old Lace"

February 25, 2017


SHHS Theatre Presents...

“Arsenic and Old Lace”

The Theatre Department is very excited to present this classic, dark farce by Joseph Kesselring on March 31 and April 1.

The Brewster sisters are just trying to help lonely people within their community to end their ending their lives. Their nephew Jonathan is doing the same service to those he encounters, but his reasons are much more selfish...or are they? Nephew Mortimer, the normal one, is trying to figure it all out, fix everything and hopefully end the carnage. Does he succeed?  The only thing that is certain is that you will laugh at every moment of their dysfunctional family adventure.  

The students are working hard on and off the stage to make this hilarious production come to life. Make your plans now to experience this event, and bring friends! You don’t want to be alone with the Brewsters around.

Performance nights are March 31 and April 1 at 7 p.m.  Tickets are general admission and cost $7. Ticket quantities may be reserved in advance by emailing Brett Buffum at or by calling (913)592-7367. 

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